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Before making this article, I got in touch with some brokerage houses and intermediaries that offer their services of purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies; the common denominator of these talks was the same: “with this, you could be a millionaire in 4 or 5 years”.

Is It True What These Intermediaries Promise?

The Bad Of Cryptocurrencies

As we mentioned earlier, cryptocurrencies are a system of exchange of values through the network, which has no oversight of any authority; however, this situation of tax evasion is what has alerted various economies who already raise the need to look for locks for these values, since they could once be used by criminal groups to launder their income.

Some economists have warned about the possibility of having a large number of people defrauded by these digital currencies in the future, which is not a distant scenario since there is not physically an entity or body that supports these values and with its fraud and lie are the order of the day.

The Ether Case

The Ether is one of the cryptocurrencies with more significant growth in recent months; some even show it as the only enemy and competitor of bitcoin. Perhaps it is also the only example of a cryptocurrency that has sought faster and more reliable ways of exchanging values.

In this case to use the Ether must access a platform called ethereum, which is not simple to handle and also the exchange of values allows a catalog of activities that can be performed by the user, among the most prominent development applications (apps). Various financial institutions support this platform and there is even talk of the support of JP Morgan.

Are They The Future?

To conclude, we can find that cryptocurrencies will become a reliable method of investment in the long run. At present, many clouds do not allow full confidence in them, but that will be perfected little by little to grant a certainty of investment in those that they rely on these digital values.

Why not say it, we could find ourselves facing the future of the world economy: a single currency, the same value. And maybe we could also see ourselves before the first step for a more just and egalitarian society.