What Are The Benefits Of Having Cryptocurrencies In My Portfolio?

More security to manage money, because the risk of loss due to robbery or robbery decreases considerably since you can have your coins stored in cold wallets, or virtual wallets without anyone noticing, in other words go to the bank to withdraw high sums of money will no longer be an option because through virtual channels we can make transactions and move money.

Digital currencies are currently being compared with assets such as El Oro, due to their capacity to conserve value, evidently, their prices fluctuate a lot, while a structure is achieved in the market, but by nature, it always goes up and there the opportunity to conserve value. Unlike paper money, which loses value every day due to factors such as inflation.

Having cryptocurrencies we are tied to the value generated by a community that decides to use them, the significant advantage is that those who use it know why they do it and why they do it, therefore the odds of maintaining the value of money are high, With traditional money (bills) we are tied to government decisions and the financial system (banks), and we run the risk of losing the value of our money, such as what happened to the Venezuelan currency today.

Another benefit to taking into account is the decrease in money transfer costs, in general, banks and exchange houses are left with a large percentage of our money when we do transactions, all that ends thanks to technologies such as Blockchain that help reduce financial costs by more than 90%.

Millennials: These Are The Risks Of Investing In Bitcoin And Ether

In recent months the subject of cryptocurrencies has attracted a lot of attention, this new method of exchange of value that is managed and extended by the network. Currently, there is no official census on this new way of “investment,” but some estimate that there are around 700 or 800 cryptocurrencies and some others estimate them above 1,000. From the year 2009 to the date, the appearance of these new values increases rapidly especially in places like Asia.